Our high-tech brewery uses state-of-the-art technology. Brewing is carried out in a 20 hectolitre brewhouse from the ROLEC company in Chieming. We currently have 3x 40hl and 6x 80hl storage tanks in use – a plant which produced around 4000 hl of beer in 2019. Our building has been designed so that 6 more 80hl tanks can be installed, as well as an additional brewing vessel and all the necessary supply machinery. In its final stage of development, the plant will be able to produce 15 to 17 thousand hl of beer per annum. This is our 10-15 year plan.


We source almost all of the raw materials from the region. The barley and wheat are grown and malted in Bavaria. With the exception of a few international exotics, the hops come almost exclusively from the Hallertau. Here we rely on and work closely together with the farmer. Before the harvest takes place, we personally visit the fields and rate the hops and determine exactly which hops are to be taken from the current harvest. This way we know exactly what goes into our beer and what doesn't. All of this information is shared with our customers. With the exception of our Munich style Helles beer, all of our beers remain unfiltered and no stabilisers are used.


Our home is our identity. Having always been firmly rooted in Waakirchen, it was clear from the outset that the brewery could only be built here. It is therefore also clear that, in addition to our hopped Wuid-Beers (wild beers), we also brew classic beers that are common here to the region.