The Beers

The Beers

What makes our beers so special? Obviously, we give beer what it needs. Only the best, hand selected raw materials, obtained directly from the farmer, innovative process technology, and time. Our Munich style Helles beer is guaranteed 6 weeks in the tank before it is filled, and that’s how it’s going to stay. The buck (Bockbier), which is always available from March 1st, has 90 days of storage. This makes the beers very fine, balanced and perfectly round in taste. The wheat beer is brewed with 60% wheat malt and trimmed to a banana and clove aroma through the mashing and fermentation process. Hopping is the process that gives our Wuid beers their incomparable taste. With the Dryhopnik®, a device that pumps the hops into the storage tank, we have managed to perfect the technology to create an extremely clear, fresh, fruity drinking experience.

And of course, we work in our brewery every day to savour, smell and taste the treasures slumbering in our tanks. Hoppebräu beers are characterised by the highest quality of raw materials, technology and the great commitment of the brewers!